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please help3

please help3 started this conversation
Please help, i'm in depespart need of help I don't have a working vehical, so there is no way for me to go to work therefore  i've been fired from my job, I need help with my rent and my phone bills, our truck with my all of my husbands tools has been stolen so therefore he can not work, we have a little girl, I would be forever greatful if someone could please help us..
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I cant help financially, but sense you are in such a bind why dont you try to go threw the state. Every state normally has a program the helps families in need with these problems and they give you money normally to pay your bills. I know its usually something you can sign up for where you can sign up for medicaid.

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try the links below there may be something there that can help
utah 211
united way / 211

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